Punya's 5 Unique blend Puja Oil - 1ltr



Punya Deepam is Unique blend of 5 Oils - Prosperity Oil for your better living

Blend of 5 Essential Oils with Sugandha Dravyas by the ancient vedas and also contains aromas

1. Refined Castor Oil ( Harmonious relationship or bring name,fame,and happiness to one's family. Increases devotional faith)

2. Sesame Oil (Mitigates evil and helps to eliminate difficulties. Removes obstacles from one's life)

3. Coconut Oil (Brings peace of mind to oneself and helps to focus on goals and more concentration)

4.Mohua/Illupai (Helps to free one from debt and gives prosperity)

5.Rice Bran Oil ( Simplest offering to goddess Annalakshmi)

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