Gopuram Pancha Deepam Pooja Oil - 200ml

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The Pancha deepam Oil or Pancha deepam Oil is strongly suggested to light a lamp to nullify all evil and bring knowledge, health and wealth into your home. Gopuram Pancha deepam Oil follows the recommended blend of 5 Oils in perfect and pure proportion to ensure that the purity and sanctity of your prayers are protected. Each of these 5 oils have their significance and should be mixed in the perfect ratio in the purest sense. Pancha deepam Oil has the below oils

1. Pure Gingelly/Sesame Oil (35%) - Gingelly Oil or Sesame Oil helps to eliminate difficulties and removes obstacles from one’s life

2. Pure Cow’s Ghee (20%) - Cow’s Ghee ensures prosperity, health and happiness. Said to destroy poverty and give peace in one’s life

3. Mahua Oil (20%) - This is extracted from the Mahua tree and is known as “Illuppai ennai” locally. It is said to free one from debt. In India they believe it evokes the blessings of Lord Shiva.

4. Castor Oil (15%) - Castor oil is said to bring fame, name and happiness to one’s family. It is also said to increase devotional faith in one’s family

5. Neem Oil (10%) - Neem oil is said to bring wealth to the family

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