Fresh Indian Mangoes ( Banganapalli/ Alphonso/Kesar) - 1 Case (6 to 10 Mangoes)

Delivery between (May 1st to May 2nd) or ( May 6th to May8th) depending on shipment from India



Banganpalli/Kesar/Alphonso Mangoes are sourced from India and known for their unique sweet and rich taste. They are moderately juicy and aromatic with a maize-yellow colour.

Calcium Carbide is not used in the ripening process of the mangoes.

 How to Use
 These mangoes can either be eaten on their own or pureed to make juices and shakes. 
They make a perfect dessert as they can be sliced and served with ice-creams and a variety of other desserts too.
These mangoes can be added to salads to give it a nice texture and flavour.
 Mangoes are known to contain more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, which make them a superfood.
Laden with the goodness of Vitamin C and A, mangoes also have a high fibre content.
The mangoes are also rich in minerals like iron, folate, magnesium, etc. A cup of mango is around 100 calories and adds the perfect dietary balance to your meal.
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