Bottle guard/Dudhi - 1lb (Diced into pieces)

Fresh Peeled & Cut after order placed. Vacuum Sealed for freshness


Considered as one of the healthiest vegetables around, the flesh of bottle gourds is full of water and tastes slightly bitter.
We deliver them freshly and diced, making your preparations less messy and much easy.
Storage and Uses
Diced gourds can be stored in a glass or steel container and refrigerated for upto 7 days.
Used to prepare curries, dal and even sweets. For your morning breakfast, try Bottlegourd dosa instead of the normal one for a healthy change.
Bottle gourds keep the body hydrated and assists in weight loss. They treat urinary tract infection and sleeping disorders. Reduces liver inflammation, eases digestion and safeguards hair against premature graying.

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